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Educated Traveler

Hi there!


My channel Educated Traveler focuses on educating people about various topics related to travel, living abroad and different cultures.


I will be introducing you to different knowledgeable travelers, expats and locals, whom I interviews to gain information, to benefit you the viewers.


I will also bring you on a Journey of interesting locations, situations and thought provoking discussions, which should help answer a lot of viewers potential questions about the “DO’s” and “DONT’s” of each location.


Playlists: My channel has 3 playlists, which can be distinguished by the icon seen in the “top right-hand corner”. If you see a Number, then it’s another full length documentary in the play list called “Dominican Republic”, and if you see a camera icon, then it’s from the playlist called “Interesting moments caught on camera”, and finally, if you find a rifle thumbnail, then it’s from the playlist “Wake up and Retaliate”


Best Regards, Mr.T

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