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Face To Face Consultancy

Travel – Relocation – Doing Business

As you might have seen in my videos, I offer consultancy for folks relocating to DR, and to those who are traveling around down here.


The option of “Face to Face” consultation, is often chosen when the client already knows that they will be coming down here soon, or when they’re already here. It’s usually done in a quiet restaurant as per mutual agreement, and last from one to three hours depending on the client’s up-front investment. (should additional time need to be added, then this can be arranged too).


You will get the most out of your consulting session with me, by preparing a list of questions based your relocation or travel goals, and based on this, I can offer sharp advice on the pros and cons of engaging in each of those topic areas you present, and I will enlighten you on how it could be accomplished safer, smarter and cheaper (or I will at the least have the right contacts who can help you obtain such knowledge or the services you seek).


At the end of your session, you’ll be well equipped to move forward with your relocation or travel goals.

International Call Consultancy

Travel – Relocation – Doing Business

This option of consultancy is very handy for the person or couple, who wish to gather solid travel tips or advise prior to either booking a trip, or prior to making the brave move of moving down here. The session is usually done through a Skype or WhatsApp call, with both parties arranging a quiet setting for optimal sound and communication satisfaction. Just like the Face to Face option, here you can pay and pre-book a one – two or three hours session with me.

Why is it Worth Investing in ?

Travel – Relocation – Doing Business

More than a decade ago when I first arrived here, I wish there had been someone here whom I could have hired as my consultant. A person who could have guided me straight to the most ethical suppliers found here,  plus given me preventative  advise about hundreds of choices one has to make when settling in the way one had hoped and dreamed of, but unfortunately for me such a consultant wasn’t here, so like everyone else, I instead lost thousands of dollars in making naive mistakes, getting scammed by both Dominicans and foreigners who prey on the “newbies” and I also lost money on blindly selecting suppliers for various objectives that I wanted to achieve here.


So early in the peace, I became a networker here on the North Coast and started to “turn the lemons into lemonade” and I also learned from other good expats horror stories on who and what to avoid. A good proverb that points out the importance of sound advice is:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” If you’ve been watching my YouTube Documentaries, you should by now have learned that I love straight up people, respect, honesty and facts. And when investing in my consultancy, I pride myself in those same standards.

Other Consultancy Services by Mr. T

Relationship – Life Coaching – Sales Training

  • Marriage / Relationship Counseling (alone or with couple, at your choice) – $95/hr
  • General Life Coaching – $95/hr
  • Business Startup or Business Growth Coaching – $95/hr
  • Sales Training (Beginner – Advanced) – Ask for a quote
  • Management / CEO Coaching – Ask for a quote